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    Cool 2012 Contenders Andrew Luck ON CARD AUTO ... just seeing what might happen if ...

    After taking about a year off from the hooby, mostly due to the struggling economy thus I struggled through one of the toughest patches of my life, but things are finally looking up again, I start a new job this Thursday the 14th (Valentine's Day) and thought I would finally traet myself to a hobby box from the local hobby shop, which just happened to have gotten a shipment of 2012 Contenders earlier that day.... anyway, I chose my box, ripped of tyhe plastic, and opened the first pack....ALL BASE.... but no big deal, I knew hits where coming because as I was opening the first pack the shop owner was telling me that Contenders was yielding 5 autos per box this year, and while he was making that stement, I thumbed through the the first card second card and then the third card in the pack was......

    2012 Contenders Andrew Luck RC ON-CARD auto SP #201 (SP~short print)

    I am honestly in no rush what-so-ever to move this card, I really wanted to post it here to give all my SCF brothers & sisters a good look at Luck's ON CARD autograph, I will entertain offers, and it will take at least $300 cash included in any deal to takje this card off my hands, all cash offers are welcome as well as card/cash offers as well, THANKS for the read and the look and please feel free to make serious offers only! Thanks again

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    What total value are you looking for on it ?

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    How do you know it is a SP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaybird_1981 View Post
    How do you know it is a SP?
    Is this the variation or documented as an SP anywhere?
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    Feel free to let me know if you have any
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    The sp version is missing info on the back of the card. The other one luck has two hands in the football. Hope this helps.

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    interested! how are the corners?
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    interested, cmb and i can add cash too. what value u have on it?
    PM works best (I trade by BV, buy by SV)
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    I'm interested in it.
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