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    1989 OHL Cards - Counterfeit or Pproduction Variance

    Was scanning my Lindros cards to creat a set map and noticed distinct differences in two 7th Inning Sketch OHL cards I have.

    One card has light blue printing (very slightly blurry) on card stock with a hint of yellow.
    The second card has dark blue printing (very sharp) on bright white card stock.
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    I know that cards can have slight variations in ink color or printing stock which occur during proiduction. Not that these are worth faking...but do you think this a simple production variance from the factory, or possibly a counterfeited card?

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    I went on to see what the backs of their cards from this set looked like. There are not a lot of cards for sale but the ones that are look like the back on the right of your two images. Also, they have a note about one of the other Lindros cards ( to beware of counterfeits, so it is possible that one of your cards is fake.
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    Back in the day, when those cards were actually worth something, there were plenty of counterfeits produced of that set, especially the Lindros card. The one on the right looks more like an original.

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    Thanks for the info. I had some of these cards when they first came out and I thought I remembered the light blue ink. My memory may be waht it used to be but, thank God, you guys are here to help out!

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    I think people may be speculating on the counterfeits. There were three apparent runs for these cards and ink variances could be found at the time depending if they were from team sets, factory sets or packs.

    COMC may be confusing the counterfeit issue with the Oshawa Generals team set card of Lindros. Never heard of a 7th Inning Sketch counterfeit before this and it seems odd to suddenly come up now.

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