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    2012 SPx Winning Big Materials Patch /10 Set - Complete

    2012 Upper Deck SPx Football Winning BIG Materials Patch /10

    Finally landed the Jeff Fuller last week to complete the set. Thanks to all that were helpful in assisting me in either freebie, selling, trading or acquiring a card for this set for me.

    mattfastiggi (Matt) - Jeffery, Trueduckfan (Chris) - Osweiler, jrlebert (Jean Ramon) - Martin, Poker808 (Ryan) - Jones, BAMBAM (Eric) - Wright, Earlsnake07 - Foles, RW34 (Wendy) - RGIII (lassoed it after it was pulled at her LCS).

    Collection Facts:

    1) Personally pulled the Mohamed Sanu at the LCS, which started it all. I had it sold for a good price, but didn't pull the trigger, thus my downward spiral to chase the set.
    2) I have none of the 30 cards #d - 03/10.
    3) Only card #d to a player's jersey number is DeVeir Posey 08/10. A Buckeye, so had to have it.
    4) Six cards are last numbered at 10/10 and only one numbered 01/10.
    5) Invested $1,262.04 to be first to completed. An average of $42.07 per card. YIKES.....

    WM-1 Alshon Jeffery 09/10
    WM-2 Brock Osweiler 08/10
    WM-3 Brandon Weeden 10/10 Last One
    WM-4 Case Keenum 08/10
    WM-5 Isaiah Pead 07/10
    WM-6 Dan Herron 08/10
    WM-7 Dwayne Allen 10/10 Last One
    WM-8 DeVier Posey 08/10 Jersey #
    WM-9 Doug Martin 04/10
    WM-10 Dwight Jones 10/10 Last One
    WM-11 Jeff Fuller 05/10
    WM-12 B.J. Cunningham 08/10
    WM-13 Justin Blackmon 07/10
    WM-14 Kellen Moore 09/10
    WM-15 Kirk Cousins 05/10
    WM-16 Coby Fleener 09/10
    WM-17 LaMichael James 10/10 Last One
    WM-18 Rueben Randle 06/10
    WM-19 Mohamed Sanu 04/10
    WM-20 Michael Floyd 08/10
    WM-21 Juron Criner 09/10
    WM-22 Kendall Wright 09/10
    WM-23 Nick Foles 05/10
    WM-24 Nick Toon 10/10 Last One
    WM-25 Jarius Wright 02/10
    WM-26 Robert Griffin III 04/10
    WM-27 Russell Wilson 10/10 Last One
    WM-28 Ryan Broyles 05/10
    WM-29 Ryan Tannehill 07/10
    WM-30 Trent Richardson 01/10 First One

    All Together:

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    Incredible set and accomplishment! That Martin patch is really nice!


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    SSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK KK. Very nice. That D. Martin is sweet. I need one of the Moore's hopefully one shows up. Congrats on the set.
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    Awesome looking set! I love the design of those cards. All together they make a fine work of art? Are you going to frame those up for display?
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    Awesome set! Really like the Badgers and the Osweiler. Cool story to boot.
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    Ha... you used my full name! That never happens.

    Just another thank you for trading your Doug Martin for my Doug Martin, and for a heads up on the Kellen Moore a while back. They are two of the nicest cards in my Boise State PC.

    Congrats on the set.
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    Congratulations Bob. That is a great set with some awesome patches. Are you looking to upgrade the Broyles to a 2 color or more?
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