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    02-03 BTP Behind the Mask Set

    Just thought I would show off what I have so far in this set numbered out of 30 cards. Of course missing the Arturs Irbe card which seems to be my nemesis in many of these sets. If anyones has or knows someone who has the last of the set please let me know. Hope you enjoy and comments welcome!

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    Looking for 01-02, 02-03 BTP memorabilia

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    Nice set buddy!
    My Collection

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    Very nice set! It always seems to happen that there's always one card that makes completion difficult.
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    Seems to me that it always seems to be Arturs Irbe in a bunch of my sets lol! Just keep looking though thats all you can do!
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    Looking for 01-02, 02-03 BTP memorabilia

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    Great Set!!! I will keep my eyes peeled for you...There are a lot of Irbe collectors out there

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