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    First look: 2013 Topps Turkey Red baseball cards

    Turkey Red is coming Ö and it arrives in a week.

    As previously reported, Topps is releasing an edition of Turkey Red baseball cards this year exclusively as a item and itís set to arrive in just one week, on Feb. 18.

    Each 11-card $20 box will include one autograph and a selection of 10 cards from a 100-card base set in the familiar look of the past cards. There will be 43 signers for the product and Black parallels of autos limited to 10 as well as 1/1 Red parallels. Also to be found are printing plates. Pre-orders begin tomorrow and the product will ship next week. There is a limit of 25 boxes per household.

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    Very interested in the Justin Upton base card from this set when it releases. Not bad looking either but not really wanting to spend $20 with me only chasing a Justin Upton base card out of the set.
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    Thanks for the heads up gonna order 5 or 10 in a couple hours

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    Still not available damn you topps waiting for pst?

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    Just went available in the last 20 minutes or so. Grabbed myself a few.

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    Shipping is almost as much as the price of a box. I'd buy a few if shipping was more reasonable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TFTF_WV View Post
    Shipping is almost as much as the price of a box. I'd buy a few if shipping was more reasonable.
    I was going to buy 5 and shipping was almost $10. I added on another box because I have no self control and shipping was free. At that point it broke $100, so maybe they have a free shipping after $100 policy.

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    yea I ordered 10 boxes free shipping not bad cant wait to get home in 36 hours or so and this nightmare of a deployment to be over

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    I'd be in if they would give more than just 11 cards for $20. Add that to the apparently high shipping costs, and that's getting up to 30 or 40. Pays off if you hit a Trout auto, but there's a ton more nobodies in the autograph checklist than good hits
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    20 bucks for a auto isnt bad... but thats the risk with busting any pack

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