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    Wonder when Topps is actually gonna ship these...

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    Quote Originally Posted by stojanowski View Post
    Wonder when Topps is actually gonna ship these...
    I'm hoping today.

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    Let us know what you guys pulled when you get them....
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    Quote Originally Posted by psychosockmonkee View Post
    I'm hoping today.

    Is there mail even today? I was hoping they would arrive today haha

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    What you guys ordered was the Pre-Sale boxes. They actually go on sale today (19th) for $24.99. It will sell out before the end of the day and then they have to process all these orders and I believe shipping will start at the end of the week so looks for them mid next week.

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    that would be horrible....

    And it is out of stock

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    good to see that a box is going for over 30 bucks on ebay...

    Has anyone been charged and was it from COF RETAIL SRVCS?
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    Anyone get any kind of emails from topps about their order?

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    I received a shipment notification the other day. UPS says it's out for delivery by end of day today.

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    Out of 6 boxes I received 2 dupe auto cards, so only 4 different player autos. Two of my boxes contained the exact same base cards in the exact same order.

    Autos are Scott Diamond /689, Jean Segura /30, Chris Archer /689 x2, Mike Fiers /689 x2

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