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    2012 Donruss Limited Cuts, one pack break

    I am a sucker for cut autos since I pulled my first one in 2001 because I love the sense of history that some these cuts bring.

    Donruss Limited Cuts is a product that I have found interesting, in that the design of the cards are some of the best I have ever seen but for some reason, (mostly the cut auto selection) the hobby has not taken to this product.

    If you are breaking this for the resale, it is a loser big time. Try pulling two Catfish Hunter cuts the first day it was released from the same case when packs were costing $250 per. If selling that would be about $400 to $450 loss.

    Well prices have come down but still based on the secondary market a money loser if selling as a rule. Well, I found a good price, one that I could live with so lets roll the dice and try one more pack. Like all hoping for that big hit.

    Nothing earth shaking but at least I got an autograph of someone that I did not have in my collection, even if I do not like the man for what he ruled in 1961 in dealing with Roger Maris chase of Babe Ruth. A season is a season, period!

    Therefore, I give you today's pull

    # 4/5 Ford Frick, former ghost writer for Babe Ruth and later Baseball Commissioner

    By chance if you want to see some of my other pulls from Donruss Cuts here are some:

    Start with the dual Catfish:

    This was one of the problems with Donruss Limited Cuts, Panini tried to fool us with mixed numbering of the same cut. Stupid on their part!


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    Rest of my pulls:

    Plus a purchase on eBay:

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    I love cut autos too. I have a Luke Appling cut auto myself, and love it.
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