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    Is Topps Serious?

    With the Career Chase line on the back of the 2013 cards?

    With 3 home runs, Ruf is 759 away from Barry Bond's all-time record of 762.

    Surely they could have come up with something better to fill a line.

    I also found an error of the back of Carlos Gonzalez card #5:

    "With 648 hits, Gonzalez is 4,028 away from the career record of 3,608"

    Not only are the "away from" and "career" numbers transposed, but in the game I followed, Pete Rose's record is 4,256.

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    Yeah these were kinda dumb especially since like half of them aren't even accurate. Was it that hard to get an intern to do math correctly? Better off just not including that stuff if you can't even get it right or it just makes the product look worse in my opinion.
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