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    only looking Panthers right now?
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    I'm looking for: 2000 GOTG MULTI-COLOR Cowboy Clippings to finish my PC set...also collecting Xfractors & Refractors & base RC autos of: Ray Rice, AP, DeMarco Murrray, ALWAYS looking for patch/autos of high profile players & HOFers like Favre,Brady,Montana,Luck,RG3,Cam Newton/Calvin Johnson,Kaepernick/Dez Bryant,C.J. Spiller

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    i have these off of the top of my head:
    cam newton contenders rc auto
    deangelo williams bowman chrome orange refractor rc auto
    jonathan stewart spa logo patch rc auto
    jonathan stewart exquisite 3 color rc patch auto
    jonathan stewart contenders blue ink short print rc auto
    jonathan stewart bowman sterling refractor jersey rc auto

    may have a few others this is what i remember off the top of my head, PM me if you need any of them.

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    Thought I had more but these are the panthers cards I have.. I can get you a scan if interested.. Ill get you a good deal too

    2002'deshaun foster sweet spot rookie jersey
    2012 joe Adam certified jumbo jersey 55/299
    2008 Jonathan Stewart donruss threads rookie patch auto 13/25

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    I have these two. Pm if interested.

    I'm looking for Cam Newton, A.J. Green, Terrance Williams
    Cam Newton Super Collection
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