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    Not in to baseball, please take this lot off of my hands!!!

    Like the title says. Willing to accept ANY reasonable offer. Nice mix of autos, rc's, jerseys, and inserts/parallels. Shipping to the US only, will cost about $5 so please include that in your offer. All the cards you see will be shipped in a hard plastic case. Will just throw this lot up on Ebay if I don't get any interest....PM's work best.

    Thanks for the look!

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    50 views and not a single offer yet? Let's try this again...
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    pm sent
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    Price reduced $45 DLVD takes it! Less than a buck a card... :)
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    Still available...any takers?
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    Cheap lot up for grabs folks! $45 DLVD for everything you see...less than a buck a card!
    Shoot me a pm if interested :)
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    I would trade you some football SNerd cards for the CJ...I only collect Rangers so the rest don't do much for me.
    LMK in a pm if you want to do something like that.
    Collect all Texas Rangers, Nolan Ryan, Dirk Nowitzki, Peyton Manning, and Joey Logano, Jeff Gordon.
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    Thanks Nolan but I only collect hockey and not looking to break up the lot.
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