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    looking for 70's and 80's opc

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    hi pls you can give me a idea what you need,,,tkyou have a nice day jack

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    Do you have a list of the 80's OPC you need?
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    Just post a list of the specific card Year Issues, Brand, Topps or OPC, and the card numbers, might be able to help. Keep in mind that if we are shipping Lots of over 12 cards from the USA, it now costs 118% more than it did a month ago.

    If you are dealing with members from the USA and want about 100 cards, that now costs around $12.00 or more to ship to Canada, when it used to cost $5.00.

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    just letting people know

    i gave away all my opc from 1973 - onwards.
    kept the larger rookies but other than that i have zero. so pretty much hit me with anything

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    I know I have a few there are cards I could use from you.
    I will put together a list
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