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    Question What is the first pack or box of baseball cards that you can remember opening?

    What is the first pack or box of baseball cards that you can remember opening? For some this might be harder than others to answer so that's why I ask what one you have the first memory of opening.
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    82 topps
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    Not 100% sure. I know it was either 81 Topps or 81 Donruss.

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    1986 Topps. I was 7 years old, and my family had gone for ice cream after dinner. My parents bought me a Cello pack, and the only card I can actually remember is Mike Smithson.

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    1976 Topps Baseball...I can remember turning empty pop bottles in for the deposit to buy packs.

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    My first pack wasn't baseball,and yes I'm dating myself.It was a 1966 pack of Batman cards bought at the Staten Island ferry terminal when I was 5,my Father treated me to a few packs after we dropped Mom off for work,good times.
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    when i was 7 or so , 98 victory

    used to buy victory at kmart for some reason O.o

    then in 2001 i got a hobby box of 2001 topps for christmas.....also remember opening topps archives and pulling a carl erskine dad pulled a minnie minoso ball redeption from the only pack of 2002 archives he ever bought lol

    its funny my dad loves opening cards....even though he has no idea who most people are except cardinals and lincecum lol
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