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    1990 Donruss from Kaybee Toys after a doctor's appointment. I was 6 years old!
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    First pack 1978 Topps cello had Jim Slaton on it my mom got it cause she saw a Tiger on the front plus it was her way of shutting up(For once.....thats right I said it!!!! beat ya all to the attack *lol*) a 3 year old kid with some gum. First box 1987 Topps more into collecting what a deal at $13 to get something like what dealers and retail store owners get and saving allowance as well. First case 2007 Topps Heritage after being more serious I finally convinced my mother to get me one after showing her reports on how the 2006 Heritage went and was worth the $550 I paid for it in getting in the case 2 Autographs at the time were over $100 each and I still have them Red Schoendienst and Ryan Howard. First pack I buy for my kid is still TBA cause being a single guy and no GF or wife doesnt help. Those are my firsts.
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    I remember picking up some 1987 topps with friends and then trading right after. First box I remember opening was 1990 Upper Deck. I was in shock my dad bought me an entire box.

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    1971 Topps which included a baseball coin in the packs. And we used to pitch coins against a wall, closet to the wall won the coin. We did the same to the cards. Looking back, what a waste.

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    1991 Upper Deck bought at a grocery store in my hometown. The first card was #363, David Justice.It's the card that launched a twenty-two year collection that has grown to almost 1700 different cards, and I now have over 600 copies of that 1991 Upper Deck card.
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    Funny I bought tons of 82 topps baseball fro the SI ferry terminal.Born and raised in SI

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    My first pack wasn't baseball,and yes I'm dating myself.It was a 1966 pack of Batman cards bought at the Staten Island ferry terminal when I was 5,my Father treated me to a few packs after we dropped Mom off for work,good times.
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    First pack was 1978 O-Pee-Chee Hockey cards. Bought wax packs of football, baseball or hockey at the local drugstore on the way home from school roughly everyday until high school with lunch money

    First box was 1987 Topps when I was a junior in high school and gotten more into collecting. Most memorable box opening was 1989 Upper Deck Baseball cause it was the newest and most exciting product release in my young history as a collector. I still have 3 un-opened boxes of those
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    First pack that I can remember would be 1990 Donruss which seems to be pretty popular for being the first pack opened going by the posts in this thread. It was at the super market and it was those cello packs that were see through and had 3 "packs" connected. They had tons and tons of the stuff and it came with Yaz puzzle pieces which took me forever to complete the set. I would always end up getting duplicates of the same pieces over and over again. They were just stupid puzzle pieces but I had to complete the set.
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    1976 Topps with the traded cards in it so it had to be the end of the season.
    I got the Oscar Gamble with the air brushed Yankee hat.
    I still always pick that card up when I see it cheap at a show.

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