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    My bucket! Sidewalk

    Hello! Feel free to check my bucket and get back to me if you want to trade. Sorry about the pics, but i think you can see what the cards are!


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    What do you need for:
    Tavares GU
    nielsen plates
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    color codes: yellow/blue/green= incoming or pending/do not need
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    Take a look at this Kickstarter: Hidden Content

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    Anything in my bucket interest you for the Lach/Lindsay dual mem?
    Please stand by.

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    I am interested in both your Bobby Orr cards. I have a ton of Yzerman, l am a previous Yzerman Super Collector, and have some very nice cards. Also need to know what the Orr cards are, OPC or Topps.

    Please send me a PM.



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    Quote Originally Posted by ravens_creed View Post
    Anything in my bucket interest you for the Lach/Lindsay dual mem?
    Not something i need, but i could do something with Ultimate autos, the Kadri /10 Luxury suite, Sports legends Ullman auto

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    I am interested in the Elite Lehner and the two Bobby Orrs. Please lmk if I have anything you are looking for. Thanks


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