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    Multisport HOF Dual Autos, Superstar rc ref Auto, BEAUTIFUL LOT FS! Check it outtttt

    Let me know if your interested in the lot please! Sorry for the sloppy thread, computer is down so I'm on my phonee. If the links for the pics don't work just check out my bucket.


    Mike Stanton rc ref on card auto /199

    Randy moss/reggie Wayne dual auto /25

    Adrian Peterson/gale sayers dual auto /99

    Chris bosh/Dwight Howard dual on card (bosh rc) auto 12/50 (Dwights jrsy #)
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    I will take a price on Stanton and AP/Sayers dual please... Thanks!
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    Sent you a PM
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    I'll take a price on the Stanton and the Sayers/AP dual also. Thanks.
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    I'll take a price on the lot as well.



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    price on the moss
    looking for HOF autos, HOF cut autos, Griffey Jr Autos, Puckett autos, Sandy Koufax autos and tough HOF GU.

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