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    1 box of 12-13 UD Series 1, 1 pack 12-13 Certified, 2 pack 12-13 SPGU

    Been itching to break something for a while, so I went to the LCS and saw UD Series 1 was on sale, so I bought a box and a couple packs of SPGU and 1 of certified.

    Here's the damage:

    12-13 UD Series 1 Box

    And what I consider the best hit of the box:

    1 pack of Certified

    Nice patch /25

    2 SPGU:

    Pack 1:

    Pack 2:

    Overall, I was surprised by the Little patch, thick card, shiny, colorful, all the things the kid insides me likes. Kreider was sweet too. Can't complain about the break, it was a lot of fun and yielded some decent results. UD isn't exactly a prime product but I always enjoy the pictures they use for the base cards. Everything but the Lafleur/Orr/Clarke is FS.

    Thanks for looking!

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    nice patch. PM on the little
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    Nice Little! It was probably the hit of the box, you made out great!

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    The Little, Krieder and 70s Heroes cards are all remarkable hits. Luck was on your side. Congrats!
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    Thanks for the comments guys, definitely felt good enough about that break to go back to the LCS this weekend for another go at it.

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