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    Ouch - Sens Erik Karlsson Suffers Achilles Laceration, Out Indefinitely

    Senators twitter feed just posted this: Update on Karlsson: Erik suffered a laceration to his left achilles, which will require surgery to repair. He will be out indefinitely.

    There's probably no way to understate how devastating this is to the Senators blue line.

    I'm sure that people are going to be pointing fingers at Matt Cooke over this, as it was his skate that did the damage, but I don't believe he did so deliberately or with any intent to injure.
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    Thats a huge huge loss for them....I can't see how he could possibly be back this another D-man on the shelf. Seems like almost every team needs to pick up at least one.

    Good luck to Karlsson with a quick recovery
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    What a terrible tragedy. I hope he can still have a career. Many achilles tendons that are cut don't ever return to full strength.

    South African Springboks just lost their Blind-side Flanker, Juan Smith, he had been off over 16 months with a torn achilles, came back into action and re-injured and his career is done. It's a nasty, nasty injury when they snap or are torn and has ruined or shortened many a Sports career.. I have no idea what happens with a laceration.

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    This just makes me sick. I hope he can come back. He is the most entertaining player I think we have ever had.

    God I hate Cooke (I think it was clean but not liking him)

    The Sens may be done."(hope I am wrong) They had big time trouble with the loss of Spezza but this... barf
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    This totally blows, not my fave team but he is such a dynamic player to watch, so is Spezza for that matter. Selanne had his completely severed long ago, and Karlsson is young so I think he will be as good as ever...sadly, I doubt it will be this year.
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    First Spezza now Karlsson, and with Anderson having such a solid year in net... I really believed the Sens had a great chance at a play-off run!
    Hope he returns back to Norris form by next year but that's a stretch.

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    If he can recover, he won't be skating until this time next year at the very earliest. I think if totally operable, one year off, then more therapy, then try skating and see how it goes.

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    absolutely devastating blow to the senators and also the NHL. He was a beast on the ice and was entertaining to watch. Hopefully his career isnt done. I feel bad for the senator fans, great start without spezza and now this..
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    This is a complete disaster for Ottawa! They may have to make a trade if they want to make the playoffs this season. I'd package Mark Stone and another prospect like Matt Puempel and a pick for either a top 3 d-man or a top 5 forward.
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