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    How do you sort your cards?

    Forgive me if this was asked previously but I am still relatively new here.

    Here is my method:

    Open packs put base cards in one pile and all inserts in another. Eventually put the base cards in numerical order and look through the inserts for any stars rookies or cards I may feel will be worth something eventually. These cards (stars from inserts) I put in a top loader.

    The common inserts I just set aside for trade bait. From the base set, from the doubles I will extract the stars and put them aside. These will eventually go into a nine sheet plastic holder in a binder.

    Eventually all the common doubles will go into a 5,000 holder box, while I try to build the base set, using any doubles as trade bait.

    The inserts will each get sorted by category, red Targets, purple Toys R Us etc..

    I really enjoy opening individual packs it's like they are all little Christmas presents and you never know what you will get.

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    I put the inserts to the side. Break the set down first to 100's. Starting with the largest number I break them down to 10's (Like with the current Topps set I would start with the 300's). From there I go into number order. Next lowest pile down till I'm done. Inserts I sort into sets and put them behind my base cards in alpha numeric order (if a set is called "all-stars it would come before "base stealers") When I'm done my cards are all in number order from 1 to the end with the inserts at the end in Alpha Numerical order. I put my parallels after the inserts.

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    By number for the most part although I did sort my 2012 Topps based on player last name and got all my Orioles cards sorted by last name. Sorting by last name though is really hard, especially when you got a ton of cards with the same surname or a close variant (Sch* or such).

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    I open the pack, separate into base cards and inserts. After this I enter inserts into my computer for my card data base and set them aside.

    I then sort the base cards into numbers by 10/100/200/300 etc. and put them into the 9 slot pages, and then into which ever binder they go to. I also enter these into my main database on the computer.

    It is sort of a lengthy process, but it makes it so that I see every card and get to know who is playing where etc. It lso gives me an immediate list of what I need to finish the sets.

    I also cut out the front of one pack and flatten it out and tape it on the inside flap of the binder so I know which set it is.
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