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    Contenders 24 pack break

    Over the years I have had zero luck with Contenders football and basically more of the same. Not complaining, just the way it goes some time.

    Base autos, of course it is Panini so what would a break be without a stinking redemption:

    Couple of foils numbered to 99

    On this next card, not sure if it a short print or what but there is no stats on back:

    Not a fan of Contenders so gave it a shot, one and done.

    Good luck with your breaks!

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    Trying to super Collect Herman Moore
    I collect UVA (University of Virginia Cavaliers) Football Players!

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    I would trade for the Alshon redemption if trading.
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    Collecting Bears, also pick up Lions and Vikings for fellow traders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctkenjr View Post
    I would trade for the Alshon redemption if trading.
    Already redeemed and the wait is on.

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    The Lamichael James isnt bad at all.
    The Cards that have a big red NFT bar next to them in my album are NOT FOR TRADE!
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    Collecting Jarius Wright & Vikings (Vikes Uni) Auto's

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