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    WTB Cheap Topps Heritage Chrome Lots


    I'm looking for Topps Heritage Chrome lots. All years, base, stars, parallels, as long as it's baseball. If you have some that you're looking to sell cheaply, send me a PM or post on the thread the cards you have along with the asking price.


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    I've got a good stack of these, I'll put a list together when I get home this weekend, I think most of them are from 2008.

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    Sounds good. Look forward to working something out.

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    Can you give me an idea on what type of % you mean by cheap?

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    Looking to spend around 10-15% of BV

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    Made a couple of deals, but still looking for more.

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    are you interested in the Refractors
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    Looking for Cardinal autos I don't have and some dupes of certain players I already have cards for!
    Looking for current Blues autos!
    Also Cardinal inserts that BV $5 up!

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    I have 85 - 2012 Topps Heritage (Includes Trout, Ortiz SP, Pujols (Blue Parallel))

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    @Mr Cardboard: Yes, I'm interested in the refractors as well.

    @RJK214: Sorry, I'm only interested in the Heritage Chrome. Not collected the regular Heritage.

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