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    New to the site Decker Collector

    Hey everyone, I am a HUGE Decker can and have been collecting him for awhile. I joined the site to freshen up my search options because eBay is annoying and has gotten stale with the same cards for sale day in and day out. I have building a super set of his from the 2010 absolute memorabilia and if anyone could help me finish it.... That would be GREAT! I trade mostly for Decker, Miller, and Davis but have also traded some of theirs away. Just depends on what ya got! I'd love to make some new friends, so hit me up!

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    Welcome to SCF, Good luck with your collection
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    Welcome to the site, BOL with your collection.

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    Welcome to SCF
    I am an avid Atlanta Braves fan. I don't collect cards anymore but do buy a pack here and there. I just had a son that I hope to get into collecting when he gets a little older. I constantly keep up with Braves news.
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    Welcome!! I also collect Eric Decker - it's great to have you on SCF!
    Always looking for Andy Dalton & Tyler Eifert cards.
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    Hello, and welcome to SCF...

    -Robert Lewis

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    Hey Shayne, Welcome to SCF. Thanks for Joining!

    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    Welcome to SCF...

    Anything autographed...
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