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Thread: Small but AWESOME mailday!

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    Small but AWESOME mailday!

    I have barely made any trades lately so mail days are few are far apart lately. BUT today i got a few packages that made me quite happy!!!!!!

    First up a TTM success from Mr. Henrique

    And my favorite! a custom 5X7 i made and sent to yankeesfan to get 50/50d and it arrived today (Still have 3 different photos that he has)

    Oh and a package with $6 :P wasn't scanning that though haha.

    Hope you enjoyed the show!!
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    I simply love custom made TTM autograph cards! Well done! Congratulations on the card.

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    Yes I agree, amazing TTM customs! Congrats :D

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    Thanks guys was definitely awesome to see these two arrive in the mail :)

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