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    if martins available id take it
    ChrisC@allways . com
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    It is gone, sorry buddy
    I don't care if you need a week to ship! Perspective.

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    yes I do
    I don't care if you need a week to ship! Perspective.

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    Dang was a second too late on the Martin...Free bump for good deals though

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    Quote Originally Posted by chajones View Post
    yes I do
    I'll take rg3 if you wanna post it up. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chajones View Post
    Well Jeremy congrats might be a strong word seeing how I paid for them and I'm just turning around and reselling them. And not at a profit I might add LOL.
    What happened to me is what ALWAYS happens to me. My PC comes in spurts at best. I might go months without finding anything reall fo significance. But because I love the hobby, I buy packs and singles and decide to go out on some mini collection or secondary project and as soon as I do - WHAM here come the PC cards for sale. So I go back and sell my non PC stuff to pay for my Bill Dudleys.

    It's a terrible terrible cycle!

    But I sure do appreciate the comments. I price cards to sell!
    Haha sounds like me. I cant find anything and I have paypal so I start buying random things that look cool and just when I run out of paypal something pops up. So I know how that goes. Your pc is a little different than mine because yours isnt of such a current player so your cards really do only pop up here and there and your time frame between when things do show up is way wider than mine. But I agree it is a vicious cycle. Well at least congrats on selling it ;) and good luck selling the Morris.
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    Yep! Thats the only one left. I know someone has to want it.......
    I don't care if you need a week to ship! Perspective.

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    I'll take the RG3
    I collect Lamar Miller(football) and Billy Hamilton(baseball)- Hidden Content

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