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    Very nice cards for trade!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hello i joined not to long ago and am anxious to get off my first trade...cmb...i have pujols auto and many more!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Please let me know via PM what you are looking for in exchange for the 1961 topps AL HR Leaders.

    Thanks and welcome!

    collecting 2003 fleer platinum nameplates, Pre-67 Vintage in NM or better condition and whatever random stuff I can find in your bucket!

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    What are you looking for in return for your Morneau auto/relic? Would love to trade for it!!
    Supercollecting the Twins and Chris Herrmann
    Also collecting Justin Morneau, Michael Cuddyer, sets, Wild, North Stars
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    i liked several items. please check my site for anything that may interest you. thanks!
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    Looking for 50's and 60's Detroit Tigers Topps base cards listed here: Hidden Content

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    I could use the Bob Gibson auto jersey, maybe.
    Collecting Hall of Fame, Future Hall of Fame, and Retired Star autographs in MLB, NBA, and NFL.

    International Traders: I no longer mail to the Philippines.

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    Cmb for the Jorda/Puckett/Winfield triple please
    Only looking for HOF g/u at the moment that I need for my project. I'll trade by Bv or Sv. It really doesn't matter to me as long as I'm happy with what I'm getting.PLEASE PM ME B/C IT WORKS BEST FOR YOU AND ME!!!Hidden Content
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    I'd be interested in trading for the Griffey Sweet Spot auto. CMB and let me know.
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    hey i cant pm you back because your inbox is full so delete some when you have a chance, my response was going to be "what could you possibly do for the book?"

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    Interested in quite a few, please check me first. Thanks.
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    Don't know if I have anything for it but CMB of the Soriano patch card.
    Please, no PWE trades! Send in bubble mailer as I do the same! Hidden Content
    Big on collecting Sandberg,Dawson,Dunston,K.Wood,Soler,Bryant,Schwar ber,Rizzo,Banks,B. Williams.
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