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    Reyes says Marlins owner told him to buy a home in Miami days before he was traded

    Last November, then-Marlins shortstop Jose Reyes sat down to dinner with his boss, owner Jeffrey Loria. The two chatted about the future – specifically, Reyes’ future in Miami. Loria encouraged his star to find a nice house in South Florida.

    Days later, Reyes was traded.

    That was the story Reyes told Friday here at Blue Jays camp, where he is now starting another spring training as a member of a supposed dream team. The last dream team, as we now know, was built on false promises and empty words. The Marlins, looking like World Series contenders opening a brand new, mostly publicly financed ballpark one year ago, have been mostly dismantled by their owner. Loria's Marlins dealt Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson, John Buck and Emilio Bonifacio to Toronto last November for a few prospects and other players. All the hope for another World Series title in South Florida has, much like Reyes, gone north. Reyes, like star pitcher Buehrle, was only in town for one season.

    "He always told me he was never gonna trade me," Reyes said Friday. "He told my agent, 'Get a place here to live.' Before he traded me, days before the trade."

    Reyes then went on vacation with his wife and heard a rumor about the trade. "I thought it was a joke," Reyes said. "When I called my agent, he said yes."

    Reyes said he was in disbelief for two weeks.
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    Loria is a loser, having a good idea that you're going to, or trying to trade the player and want him to buy a hose? MLB should try to force him out and not let him back into the sport in any way.
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    Loria has run the Marlins into the ground. The fans there are the ones hurting though.
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    Takes a special sort of person to dump a couple hundred million in player salaries right before openening your new stadium funded by a half-billion in public dollars.

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    I don't like either of those people... Loria is coming out as a heartless guy, and he has ruined the Marlins franchise. He built up the dream team, built the beautiful ballpark and when he failed after one year, he hit the panic button. Jose Reyes is a clueless guy, so he probably misinterpreted something Loria said... Reyes deserved to play in Miami in front of those fans who will appreciate him. He belongs in Little Havana, not in the Great White North. And as said, the stadium was funded by half a billion dollars of tax money.
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