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    I don't have an image, but there were 2 Limited Logos I liked. There was a Crosby one that was the full skating Penguins. That went for around $1500.
    From the same set, there was a Hasek that was the full Buffalo. Never know if that got pulled. Not as colorful, but pretty cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by habscards View Post
    This my card here. It is not a patch but a pad card. I think it may be in the runnings for one of the coolest pad pieces.

    Theodore Ultimate jumbo pad 1/1 $250 by habscards, on Flickr

    (yes it is FT/FS is anyone is interested)
    That is the coolest pad piece I have seen and one of the nicest looking non patch game used items I have seen as well.
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    Theodore Ultimate jumbo pad 1/1 $250 by habscards, on Flickr

    Nice, I won that Theodore awhile back on the bay (impulse purchase) and then ended up trading it to another SCF member. Awesome card that actually has kind of a 3D effect to it. Here are a couple of my favorite ITG pieces

    Big Brother/Little Brother

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    Wow. I don't collect hockey, but those are disgusting!
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    Thedore is sick ineed...I would do everything to gather the card but wait...I'm not a Theodfore collector haha but if I did so I shold get a heartattack then if I saw the card for first time.

    There is a Shea Weber collector who had a disgusting patch piece of a gargoyle (?)....that card is IMO better looking than the Manson card.
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    Definitely a ick pad crd of Jose. Love the wings as well.

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    The Ovechkin 'eagle-head' patch from Ultimate a few years ago was pretty awesome.
    Looking for Current Pens and #66 Mario Lemieux cards!!


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    I got this card from group break couple months ago.

    Looking for Jere Lehtinen and Brenden Morrow.

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    Absolutely love that Weber! ITG did a great job with those Superlative Emblems - I love my Daniel Sedin one, this is probably as good as it gets for what can be done with the Canucks logo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hata View Post
    I got this card from group break couple months ago.

    This is certainly the most unique patch I have ever seen in any sport. Is there any doubt that In the Game makes the best game used cards?
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