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    Manning Legacy Archie/Eli/Peyton Triple auto /50 ft!

    Took a break from high end for a while but deciding to get back in. Looking to see what I can get for this, as Im trying to jumpstart the PC again. Looking for between 400-500 sv on this and I will take multiple cards. Really only looking for rookie autos in football or Kevin Durant, Kobe, Kyrie Irving or Lebron autos. Lets make a deal! (Down to Earth dvd not fs/ft)

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    Looking for contenders autos of better players!

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    Very interested. Please CMB. Am still in process of scanning. Have a few kaepernik Autos as well, including Contenders, Plates & Patches, UD Legends.
    Want List: 1999 Score Reprint Auto: Irvin, Aikman Topps Archives Auto: Pele
    1997 UD Legends SOTT: Franco Harris, Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Steve Largent
    Topps Tall Boy Mini Autographs: Luck, RGIII, Wilson A&G Auto: Kobayashi, Kate Upton, Koufax, Mays, Aaron
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    only saw the kobe auto. Not real interested in kaepernick, thanks though!
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    Looking for contenders autos of better players!

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    If you wanna sell via PayPal please let me know. Thanks John

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    Willing to sell, but would rather trade. If you have an offer pm me
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    Looking for contenders autos of better players!

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    Wow wish I had enough for it. I have a HOF thread here. Also CMB and see if you can use anything. Can you use anything here? Can do a card and cash deal if needed.
    I collect Yankees, NY Giants & Chargers Cards. I Need YSL cards for my set. If you have any let me know the numbers.
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    interested, was actually going to PM you the other day, long time no talk

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