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    WTB: Titus Young

    I want to buy official pack certified Titus Young autograph, and memorabilia trading cards for my Detroit Lions PC. Both Boise State trading cards, and Detroit Lions trading cards wanted. I would also like to inform those individuals who believe everything they read on the Internet that Titus Young is NOT better than Megatron.

    -Robert Lewis

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    Robert pretty soon you'll be able to hire the man himself for $7.25 an hour!
    I don't care if you need a week to ship! Perspective.

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    trade site - Hidden Content
    cowboys site that is also for trade
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    @ cowboysrgr8 - PM on the way.

    -Robert Lewis

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    One confirmed transaction...

    -Robert Lewis

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    Collecting Russell Wilson, Seahawks starters autos, patches, memorabilia, Jeremy Langford, Rodgers, Big Ben, Osweiler, Antonio Brown, Martavis, Amari Cooper, Carr, Gurley
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    @ Shockers - PM on the way.

    -Robert Lewis

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    One more confirmed transaction...

    -Robert Lewis

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    I have his Contenders on-card auto RC.
    Lmk if you need it.
    Always looking for Aaron Rodgers!!! (since 2007)
    Football: Packers, NFC North Players and QB True RCs
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    @ Helmutt - PM on the way.

    -Robert Lewis

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