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Thread: Show off your complete set

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    Quote Originally Posted by sephiroth View Post
    I have my 11-12 artifacts set here:

    I even have now three Weber /15 on the first row, patches are pretty cool.

    I lost all interest in cards recently so the set is for sale, if anyone is interested. It's sad.
    You just completed this set no? Seems maybe its the thrill of the chase that you love, but now that your done...bored?
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    Damn, Isaac, next time wait for the rest of us to post before you go and do that! LOL

    I adore the Enshrined and Captain-C sets there.... Newsy Lalonde!

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    Great thread!!

    My first set I put together was the 2000-01 Black Diamond Game Gear set, which I still have.

    A sample of those cards:

    I then started doing a different subset from ITG Ultimate cards (picked one I liked). The uncompleted one is the 2004-05 ITG Ultimate 5 "Blades of Steel" set (21 card set). I loved the look of these, but a couple rare toughies that never surface anymore have stagnated me. I still need Cyclone Taylor, Georges Vezina, & Frank Nighbor. Like I said, I will probably never complete this set because of them. Any help is appreciated...ya, that will happen!!

    They look like this:

    Next I went for the 2005-06 ITG Ultimate 6 "Gloves Are Off" set. I completed that 20 card set:

    Next I got hooked on the 2007-08 ITG Ultimate 8 "Stick Rack" set. Loved the large colorful stick pieces. A 25 card set, but being serial numbered to /24, a do-able set.

    The next year 2008-09 ITG Ultimate 9 came back with the "Stick Rack" subset. So I had to do it. Only an 18 card set this time (still #/24), but still impressive looking.

    I skipped the ITG Ultimate 10 "Stick Work" subset. They didn't have the player photo on the front, and I didn't like the look, so didn't collect a set that year.

    Then for the 2011-12 ITG Ultimate 11 product, they came out with a 20 card "FantaSTICK" set. These were only serial number to /9, making it a lot tougher (and more expensive) to obtain. But I did it. Love the look of these.

    Tony Amonte 8/9

    Ray Bourque 8/9

    Pavel Bure 3/9

    Peter Forsberg 9/9

    Mike Gartner 9/9

    Doug Gilmour 3/9

    Jaromir Jagr

    Ilya Kovalchuk 2/9

    Vincent Lacavalier 5/9

    Mario Lemieux 6/9

    Eric Lindros

    Mark Messier 8/9

    Alexander Ovechkin 8/9

    Jeremy Roenick 8/9

    Joe Sakic 3/9

    Daniel Sedin 3/9

    Teemu Selanne 8/9

    Eric Staal 8/9

    Mats Sundin 6/9

    Steve Yzerman 3/9

    And that's it for my major sets. Sorry for the numerous scans.

    GO WILD!!!

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    Only one set completed 08/09 ultimate collection Ultimate Rookie Auto Patches /25

    08/09 Ultimate Autographed Rookie patch /25 set builder. 40/41 , ( 40/40? )
    Need: Boychuk, Okposo* Ultimate rookie auto patch /25
    Collecting James Neal and High End rookie cards

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    Some of those patches....

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kicker View Post
    Only one set completed 08/09 ultimate collection Ultimate Rookie Auto Patches /25

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    Quote Originally Posted by BackstromCaps19 View Post
    Some of those patches....
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    Awesome to see these completed sets! I have only attempted one set and that is the 2005-06 Ultimate Signatures set and I am missing the 4 big ones from it (Crosby, Gretzky, Roy, Ovi). It is going to take a long while to get those...
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    The only set I have attempted is 08/09 Black Diamond quad JS/Gold/25 plus the regular white ones. Unfortunately I started a few years after release so it seems like a few are tucked away in collections, especially Habs and Wings, not to mention its a 96 card set! So far, 61/96 gold cards so maybe someday....

    New PB link doesn't work for me but you can see my set if you click my link.
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    LF: Ovechkin and 2012-13 Artifacts # /125/75//15/8/5/3/1

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    Since I am a set collector there are many that I have but not as good as some of the previous. Here are a few samples.

    03-04 SP Game Used Double Patch set /60.

    03-04 Premier Teammates Patches /25

    And Last for now is the 03-04 Premier Legends Patches /10

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    Looking for 01-02, 02-03 BTP memorabilia

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    Wow those SP double threads are sick!
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    LF: Ovechkin and 2012-13 Artifacts # /125/75//15/8/5/3/1

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