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    WTB Cardinals GU/Autos/RC/Cheap inserts, Low-Mid End GUs/Autos of MLB stars, HOF,etc.

    Hello. I'm looking to buy lots of:

    1. Current or retired Cardinals Autos and GU in Cardinals GU (no Pujols, Rasmus, etc.). I'm especially interested in Cardinals HOFers (Gibson, Brock, Musial, etc.)
    2. Non-Cardinal HOF GU (DiMaggio, Mantle, etc. is nice but will take low end in bulk prices too)
    3. A few mid-tier star autos of non-Cardinals too if they're a good deal.
    4. Cardinals manufactured patches, leather nameplates, etc.
    5. Cardinals inserts of star players and RCs (looking for cheap a dime each)
    6. Cardinals Prospect/RCs (2012 Oscar Tavares, 2013 Shelby Miller, 2013 Trevor Rosenthal)
    7. Low-mid end GU and autos of established major league players if they're a good deal
    8. Cheap lower-end true-RCs of Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, etc.

    I'm willing to buy in bulk to save you time and ebay fees but will be looking for prices that reflect those advantages (beats ebay).
    I'd prefer a list with prices or an idea of %BV you're looking for, but I'm willing to look at buckets as long as you're good with the price range described above.

    Thanks a bunch for your time and PLMK.
    I collect Cardinal items and F/HOF autographs.

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    Anybody interested in selling?
    I collect Cardinal items and F/HOF autographs.

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    how much are you looking to spend?
    Collecting HIGH end HOF Basketball Autos(Preferably On Card) and Patches. Feel free to check my bucket anytime. Always looking to trade. Hidden Content

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    Mike- It really depends on what you've got and how good the deal is. I guess it's somewhat personal but I've got about $900 in paypal balance so it'd have to be a no-brainer good deal to go beyond that and in to account funds. I will say, though, that cards that retail much above $40-50 each would probably need to be possible PC fits for me (rare HOF/Cards stuff) since they take much longer for me to move at shows.
    I collect Cardinal items and F/HOF autographs.

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    I have these Musials and a Matt Holliday SP for $5.50 shipped:
    2012 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor Matt Holliday /250
    2001 Upper Deck Hall of Fame Gallery Stan Musial G15
    2012 Topps Mini Stan Musial TM-87
    2001 Fleer Greats Stan Musial 109
    2001 Upper Deck Hall of Records Stan Musial 84
    2008 Donruss Sports Legends Stan Musial 20 Foil
    2005 SP Legendary Cuts Stan Musial 76
    2011 Topps Lineage Stan Musial 40
    2005 Donruss Greats Stan Musial 76
    2012 Topps Cut Above Stan Musial (x2) ACR-12
    2011 Topps The Lost Cards Stan Musial 60YOTLC-1

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    Might be able to move some of my PC stuff
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    Jsrb- I'd try to sell these for 50 cents so I'd have to pass.

    Lini- Worried about PC prices lol but can I get an each and lot price on these: Carlos Martinez auto/jersey, McGee auto, Tatis auto, Ozzie auto, Musial jersey, Molina jersey,
    I collect Cardinal items and F/HOF autographs.

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    Lini- Sorry for delay in reply. Sent PM.
    I collect Cardinal items and F/HOF autographs.

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    Look in the Up for Trade and PC sections of my bucket lots of stuff to start moving at 50 to 75% of BV depending on what it is

    PM me to discuss further
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    any interest in a 2012 topps tribute musial gold #/25 or a 2012 carlos martinez bowman platinum au?
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    Looking for 50's and 60's Detroit Tigers Topps base cards listed here: Hidden Content

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