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    Anyone going to bust some National Treasures Baseball?

    Is anyone going to bust this when it comes out? It looks like a sick product. I am thinking about busting a case of it, but would like to get some other peoples thoughts. THanks.

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    It will be too high of a price tag for unlicensed air brushed cards,I wish they would get their full licensing back and were able to produce cards with logo's and full team names,once that happens I will try panini baseball products.
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    Just curious been out of hobby for a while until recently getting back in it but what happened to there license?
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    iam still on the fence on this one. i seen some of the hits and they look awesome. just dont know how hard will they will be to pull that,s all iam sure ill do a box just for the thrill so depends on how bad or good i do. or i just may buy the hits off of ebay. ;]
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    They look really nice this year but the price point just is a bit high for not being licensed by MLB
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clemson2012 View Post
    Just curious been out of hobby for a while until recently getting back in it but what happened to there license?
    Since like 2009 only Topps has had a full baseball license. Panini can use baseball players but they can't use things like logos and team names.
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    I decided to bite the bullet and ordered a case today...

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