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    There's a Monster in my brother's old closet!

    I decided to help my folks pack up and clean up a bunch of old stuff that was just taking up space and creating clutter problems today. We started in the basement and had stops in various rooms in the house along the way. The only room that needed attention upstairs was my brother's old room, which is about to be converted into a guest room and had been a designated "I don't know what to do with this, I'm going to dump it somewhere and deal with it later" spot for far too long. Needless to say, there were some hilarious finds of all kinds, but the one thing that caught my attention more than anything was.... the monster that I saw unexpectedly in my brother's closet.

    That's right, on the top shelf in his closet, staring back at me through the other side of a clear plastic bin that had a bunch of old ticket stubs and assorted things in it, and looking like it had been just tossed aside and forgotten about was this (hobby monster)..............

    I have since confronted my brother about it, and he is aware he had it, he just wasn't aware of quite how valuable it is. I told him I'd put it in a nice case and show it some love before handing it back over to him... and then I cussed him out, out of respect for the Rocket.
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    Now that is a wicked find. How I would love to find something like that lurking in the depths of my childhood home. Alas, I'm stuck with spiders
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    I love to hear these amazing stories. What a great find! The auto looks good in my amateur opinion.

    Does your brother remember when/where he got it? It looks like an Inglasco puck approximately from the 80s. It's probably worth getting authenticated at some point.

    Similar one on ebay for comparison - http://www.ebay.com/itm/MAURICE-RICHARD-Signed-MONTREAL-CANADIENS-Puck-JSA-G41109-/160695869923?pt=US_Autographs&hash=item256a3861e3
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    Wow that's a heck of a find, I wish I could find something awesome like that.

    And good job cussing your brother out
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    Amazing find. It's funny what we find when we clean up.

    In the early 90's a frind of mine cleaned up his room. In the back of a cabinet was a shoe box (for your feet not cards) but it was full of hockey cards. 69/70 OPC including 2 Orr's and about 300 more. All in amazing shape
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    Now that is a wicked find! That would look great in a display case. Just maybe turn it around during the Leaf games
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    What a find!
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    Unfortunately, it's not like I get to keep it or anything. :P

    My brother said he got it from a friend of his for his birthday. He couldn't remember exactly which one, but his 10th, 11th, or 12th... 1992-94, somewhere during that time. The friend who gave it to him (and his brothers) were notorious for taking advantage of their mother, who never said no to them ever, so he (my brother) guesses that they just bought it at the local card shop... because, you know, every 10/11/12 year old should be spending that kind of money on their friends' birthdays!

    If it isnt semi-puke enough to find a Maurice Richard autographed puck collecting dust in a bin with a bunch of other random junk, when I first confronted my brother about it (and all in jest, of course, when I say I confronted him, I only mean to bust his you know whats over it, not to actually get mad at him) I asked him, "how much do you think this is worth?" His answer... " *shrug* twenty bucks?" Classic!

    He couldn't hold back the embarrassed smile when I told him how much it was probably really worth (I told him "at least $100"). :)

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