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    Bradshaw! Montana! Brady! Elway! Autos fS!!!

    Attachment 69673 Lmk if you're interested in anything here. Thanks.

    2007 Leaf Limited Team Trademarks John Elway/25 Sold!!!
    2007 TTT Terry Bradshaw/18 Sold!!!
    2006 Absolute Mark of Fame Joe Montana/25 2 Color Patch
    2005 Leaf Limited Material Monikers Tom Brady/15 Sold!!!
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    im intrested in this Brady/15

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    how about the montana

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    Hey IZ! Prices on all please.

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    Price on Bradshaw please
    Collecting: Vikings/Twins/Magic Johnson 1/1's
    I ship everything with DC. I don't ship outside of the US!

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    Price on all!
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    Always looking for HOF's Autos not trying to trade more then 2 to 1 Thank you for looking. Only trade by BV so dont ask me about SV unless no BV due to low number card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardcollector333 View Post
    how about the montana
    Your message box in full.

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