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    Buying Wrappers for CC

    My friend's nephew collects sports cards. The kid also collects wrappers. I was asked to get him the following wrappers. If you have any of these, I can pay 400cc each for them. I only need one of each. Thanks!

    -Football: 2010 Panini Contenders
    -Football: 2010 Panini Limited
    -Football: 2010 Panini Prestige
    -Football: 2011 Panini Absolute Memorabilia
    -Football: 2011 Panini Contenders
    -Football: 2011 Panini Certified
    -Football: 2011 Panini Limited
    -Football:2012 Panini Certified
    -Football: 2011 Panini Threads
    -Football: 2012 Panini Elite
    -Football: 2012 Panini Momentum
    -Basketball: 2010 Basketball Hall of Fame
    -Basketball: 10-11 Donruss
    -Basketball: 10-11 Panini Totally Certified
    -Basketball: 11-12 Panini Limited
    -Basketball: 10-11 Panini Clasics
    -Hockey: 10-11 Panini Contenders
    -Hockey 11-12 Panini Certified
    -Hockey: 2011 Pinnacle
    -Baseball: 2010 Panini Limited
    -Baseball: 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter's
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    I'm always looking to trade cards for original Nintendo (NES) games or rare D-Wade or MJ cards! Also, when sending cards out, please make certain the cards are well-protected and well-packaged.

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    pm coming
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    Collecting: Texas Rangers, Dolphins, Saints, Former Razorbacks, Former LSU Tigers, & Former Longhorns

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