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    2012 National Treasures Baseball Shines in a Panini America Pre-Packout Preview

    While the sports world’s collective attention over the last few days was largely fixed on Houston and the myriad festivities surrounding yesterday’s 2013 NBA All-Star Game, a small contingent of folks from Panini America worked quietly and diligently preparing the landmark premiere edition of 2012 National Treasures Baseball for an intensive packout process that begins in earnest today.

    The pre-packout process — in essence scrutinizing every single card intended for inclusion in the product and placing them in their pre-determined collation loops — started early last week and didn’t conclude until late Friday. But being in Houston prevented The Knight’s Lance from witnessing the process firsthand. Luckily, though, Panini America’s Ben Ecklar and Carlos Torrez provided the following sneak-peek images.
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    Hope this stuff is as good as the sheet shows! I have a case on order for next week.

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