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    01-02 Young Guns: A couple of questions

    I'm trying to find a 'sure' answer to these questions, but not having much luck online.

    Two questions.....

    The first is, Hobby vs Retail.

    My understading is that there was basically a parallel set of Young Guns made this year.... Hobby and Retail packs have different looking cards. I think what the case is, is that this is only for series 2?? What distinguishes a hobby card from a retail card?? Is it just knowing the photos?

    Also - I know there were some cards that got released "by mistake" this year. Jason Spezza being one of them. These are very tough to find, my impression is that for some cards - only a handful made it into packs. Can someone post a list of these cards (ones that were not supposed to be in packs) with estimates of print runs?

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    01-02 UD Young Guns

    Series 1: 180 Base - 51 Young Guns - SP Ratio 1:4 Packs

    Series 2: 180 base - 30 Young Guns - SP Ratio 1:4 Packs - 2 Versions of Each - Same BV Price.

    The Myterious SP Inserts/Parallels by Mistake:

    I think only one - Jared Auline #220 was Inserted in Error - produced in very small qualities, then halted. Only a handful of these cards have been verified. For Beckett record keeping purposes the Auline has the letter "B" behind it, but the #220 card itself does not,

    Nothing about a Spezza Error Card, didn't exist, just a rumour.

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    Spezza Error does exist, near impossible to find though.

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    Okay, so the Series 2.... 30 Young Guns.... two versions of each. Same value, so I assume (roughly) the same print run.

    Is there a way to tell, by looking at the cards, which one is which? Or do I just have to know what I'm looking for based on the photos??

    As far as the errors (or whatever you want to call them) I've heard lots of stories about them..... I'll continue to look on the internets for a list of cards people have claimed exist. Very much appriciate any info that anyone else can add though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 30ranfordfan View Post
    Okay, so the Series 2.... 30 Young Guns.... two versions of each. Same value, so I assume (roughly) the same print run.

    Is there a way to tell, by looking at the cards, which one is which? Or do I just have to know what I'm looking for based on the photos??
    I am not aware of any notable difference between the hobby and retail versions except for the pictures. It seems from a quick search on COMC and EBay that one version, presumably the Hobby one, is more readily available than the other.
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    Both cards have different numbers and different photos. I have what people would consider a copy of the Hobby Datsyuk Young Gun, but it was pulled from a retail box. I don't think that there were any definitive differences.

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    Unoffical list of unreleased Rookies ,I've had it for some time ,but can't recall where I got it from.
    2001-02 Upper Deck Young Guns
    212 Ivan Huml
    213 Igor Knyazev
    214 Pavel Vorobiev
    216 Steve Ott
    217 Alexei Smirnov
    218 Stephen Weiss
    219 Mikhail Yakoubov
    220 Jared Aulin
    221 Yanick Lehoux
    222 Ari Ahonen
    223 Raffi Torres
    224 Jason Spezza
    226 Alexander Svitov
    229 Karel Pilar
    230 Brad Boyes

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    So, how about the Young Guns Exclusives from the Series 2 then? Can anyone say for sure if the Exclusives are a Hobby only thing or were they retail as well?

    Im asking as I got a pc player who has his YG in that years Series 2 and I was assuming I got them all.
    I have three different: YG Hobby?, YG Retail? (different photo) and one YG Exclusive /50 which I guess is the Hobby version.

    Am I done with the variants or do I need to look for a 4th card, i.e. "YG Exclusive Retail" with the alternate photo as well?
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    I would like to bring this thread back; can someone explain to me what happened with the ones that weren't supposed to be in packs or whatever? I'm adding cards to my wantlist but I want to have a comprehensive understanding of what happened. A real good explanation or even a link to one would suffice for me haha
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