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    First basketball break in a while... 2012-13 Contenders

    Kobe Anthology pack = nothing! does anybody ever get anything good out of these things?

    Pack 1: Tyshawn Taylor auto
    pack 2: Jason Kidd Hall of Fame Contenders
    Pack 3: Damian Lilliard die cut rookie of the year contenders
    pack 4: Russell Westbrook Statistal Contenders
    pack 5: Bob Pettit Rookie Rememberance
    pack 6: Larry Johnson Rookie Rememberance
    pack 7: Bill Russell Legendary Contenders
    pack 8: Jeremy Tyler auto redemption
    pack 9: Danny Ainge Playoff Contenders
    pack 10: Elton Brand Rookie Rememberance
    pack 11: Jeff Malone Legendary Contenders
    pack 12: Dennis Rodman Playoff Contenders
    pack 13: Kirk Hinrich Contenders Materials 32/99
    pack 14: Emeka Okafor Rookie Rememberance
    pack 15: Jeremy Lamb die cut rookie of the year contenders
    pack 16: Andrew Bynum Statistical Contenders
    pack 17: Mitch Richmond Legendary Contenders
    pack 18: Tony Parker Playoff Contenders
    pack 19: Trey Thompkins auto
    pack 20: Isiah Thomas auto
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    Nice! The hall of fame contenders is like a 1 in 20 case hit I think..

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    Wow good thing I posted on here, I had no idea.. I was kinda bummed out about the box. Thanks for the info!
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    Yep, sweet Kidd! You can pull autos and numbered cards from those Kobe packs but obviously they're very rare.
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    Interested in these if they are FS:

    Pack 1: Tyshawn Taylor auto
    pack 13: Kirk Hinrich Contenders Materials 32/99
    Collecting KU Alumni - Cole Aldrich, Xavier Henry, Thomas Robinson, Markieff & Marcus Morris, Jeff Withey, and Ben McLemore

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    what do u need for the Danny Ainge Playoff Contenders card. Very nice break with the Kidd insert

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    LMK know if you see anything for this. Thanks

    pack 20: Isiah Thomas auto
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    Hey thanks guys.. The hinrich is definitely a keeper! As for everything else, probably goin to eBay! I need some cash, just ordered a case of prizm
    Collecting: Cubs and Steelers

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