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    Pull of a lifetime (Strasburg)! Need advice!

    I am not a big-time collector (about 8 hobby boxes since 1993), so I was shocked when I pulled the 2010 Bowman Chrome Strasburg Superfractor (#1/1)! I actually pulled it last summer and have had it sitting in a safe deposit box while I have been trying to figure out since then what to do with it. While such a rare and special pull is nice to keep, I am entertaining the thought of selling it this summer if Strasburg starts putting together a great year, but I am not sure.

    What should I do?

    Should I get it graded? It looks to be in perfect condition to me. If I get it graded... with whom? How can I be sure it won't get lost in the mail?

    If I sell it, how should I go about it? Just post it on Ebay? Would there be a way to draw attention to it if I put it on Ebay?

    And finally.... what could it be worth? I know his regular 2010 Bowman Superfractor went for something like $20,000 and his 2010 Bowman Draft Superfractor apparently got offers around $2500 or $3500 on Ebay.

    Please send your thoughts or insights on any of the questions I have posed. Your advice will be appreciated!

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    I would sell it if it were mine, I don't think it will increase in value going forward, and will probably go down. Ebay is most likely your best bet to sell, you can work with them to remove all of the bad bidders that have no intention of bidding. I would not get it graded, it can only hurt the value in my opinion. It would most likely not get a 10, and that would be the only thinkg that would increase the value, I would say a 9.5 would be the same value and a 9 would actually drop the value. Whatever you decide to do good luck!

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    First, congrats on the pull! I am not one for grading cards, but there is a case to be made for it in this instance. Grading the card would protect you in the sense that no buyer could claim the card is not as described or that it has damage that was not disclosed. Unfortunately, there are many dishonest and unscrupulous folks out there especially when it comes to things that have a high value such as this card. I'm not saying that anyone but an honest dealer/collector would buy the card, but grading the card would add a little extra bit of insurance. I don't think you would lose any value unless the card comes back at something less than a 9. I don't think the grade matters as much since it is a true 1/1. There is only one and the condition is what the condition is. eBay will definitely get the card the most exposure. You could consider consigning through Beckett or someone else if you are willing to give up a percentage of the sale. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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    I agree with txbevo that grading would protect the card, but you could also just send it in and get it slabbed without a grade to protect it and not have to worry about what grade it come back at.

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    Defitenly have the card graded. If you decide to sell promote it on your youtube/facebook/twitter accounts.
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    Regarding grading... I just checked with the post office here in Canada. It would cost about $100 to cover it with $5000 insurance. That makes grading a tougher decision to make.

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    Probably would be best to try and get Beckett to sell the card for you on eBay. I don't know how that works but the only reason I would suggest it would be because you are in Canada and the market for this card is going to be in the United States. Plus they will then grade it properly *wink* *wink* and with an amazing grade and publicity on their website you should be able to draw a lot of attention to your auction.
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    pwaldo: Has that been done before? I mean Beckett selling cards for people? Sounds like an interesting option.

    Thanks to all have posted suggestions so far. They are much appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by forester7 View Post
    pwaldo: Has that been done before? I mean Beckett selling cards for people? Sounds like an interesting option.

    Thanks to all have posted suggestions so far. They are much appreciated!
    I'm pretty sure they sold the Strasburg that went for around $20,000
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