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    05-08 Bowman Chrome and BDP singles, ref, xfractors, blue ref and autos FT...

    05-08 Bowman Chrome and BDP singles, ref, xfractors, blue ref and autos FT...
    I have been away from the hobby for a while but recently decided to get back in. I've got a ton of cards from these years I need to unload. Not looking for much in return. Just ask about a prospect and I'll let you know what I have. Looking for Braves, Richie Shaffer, Corey Seager, and other '12 guys. Maybe some stuff from previous years. WILL TRADE HEAVILY IN YOUR FAVOR... Great deals... Ebay handle is rcc1975 and I have 100% feedback.

    These and more for trade...

    07 Justin Jackson BDP Xfractor auto
    07 Kozma Chrome BDP Auto
    07 BDP Auto Ref Clayton Mortenson
    07 Jon Gilmore BDP base auto, ref auto and Sterling auto
    08 Kyle Lotzkar BC auto xfractor
    08 Scott Cousin BC auto xfractor

    And several more autos. These just came to mind.

    Way too many xfractors and refractors from 07 bdp to list. No D'Arnaud or Heyward. Just names the ones you need...

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    2008 BC Kyle Lotzkar Xfractor au
    2008 BC Scott Cousins Xfractor Au
    2007 BCDP Justin Jackson Xfractor au
    2007 BCDP James Simmons au
    2007 BCDP Jon Gilmore base x2 and Ref au
    2007 BCDP Clayton Mortenson Ref au
    2007 BCDP Pete Kozma au
    2007 Bowman Sterling Beau Mills au
    2007 Bowman Sterling Jon Gilmore au
    2008 BC John Raynor Blue ref
    2008 BC Tyler Kolodny Blue Ref
    2005 BC Neil Walker Blue ref
    2008 BC Jacob Butler xfractor x2
    2008 BC Jamie Richmond xfractor
    2008 BC Ronnie Ray xfractor
    2008 BC John Raynor xfractor
    2008 BC Greg Halman xfractor x2
    2008 BC PJ Walters xfractor
    2008 BC Alex Cobb xfractor
    2008 BC Francisco Hernanadez xfractor
    2008 BC Braedyn Pruitt xfractor
    2008 BC Glenn Gibson xfractor
    2007 BDP Jon Ely xfractor
    2007 BDP Eric Eiland xfractor
    2007 BDP Ryan Zink xfractor
    2007 BDP Lars Davis xfractor
    2007 BDP Cody Crowell xfractor
    2007 BDP Brandon Hamilton xfractor
    2007 BDP Charlie Culberson xfractor
    2007 BDP Frank Gailey xfractor
    2007 BDP Ed Easley xfractor
    2007 BDP Matt Tolbert xfractor
    2007 BDP Henry Sosa xfractor
    2007 BDP Tyler Henson xfractor
    2007 BDP Austin Gallagher xfractor x2
    2007 BDP Danny Rams xfractor x2
    2006 BC Steve Murphy xfractor
    2006 BC Jared Lansford xfractor
    2006 BC Shaun Cumberland xfractor x2
    2006 BC Shane Lindsay xfractor
    2006 BC Andrew Pinkney xfractor
    2005 BCDP David Christensen Aflac xfractor
    2007 BDP Wladimir Balentien Futures GU Patch
    2008 BC Engel Beltre ref
    2008 BC Tyler Kolodny ref x2
    2006 BCDP Refractors
    Kevin Mulvey
    Brandon Hamilton
    Justin Jackson
    Matt West
    Sam Runion
    Oliver Marmol
    Craig Heyer x2
    Jason Monti
    Richard Lucas
    Cody Crowell x2
    Lars Davis
    Mike McDade
    Nicolas Barnese
    Rick Vandenhurk
    Drew Bowman
    Gorkys Hernandez x2
    Matt Dominguez x2
    Pedro Beato
    Adrian Cardenas
    Carlos Carrasco
    Bryan Anderson
    Wladimir Balentien
    Freddy Sandoval
    Mark Wagner
    Andrew Lambo x2
    Wendell Fairley
    Deolis Guerra
    Austin Gallagher
    Charlie Culberson x3
    Ryan Zink x4
    2006 BCDP Refractors
    Jason Donald x3
    Tyler Henson x2
    Nick Adenhardt
    Zack Daeges
    Cyle Hankerd
    2005 Bowman Refractors
    Drew Butera x2
    Kyle Cofield
    Jeff Lyman
    David Christensen x2 Aflac
    2004 Eric Campbell
    2005 Bowman Sterling Ryan Mount
    2006 Bowman Sterling Shaun Cumberland

    tons of chromes as well. Just give me names and I'll look. Thanks

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