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    Cheap box of 2008 Bowman sterling

    Broke a box of 2008 sterling today. my LCS made me a nice deal, $160 so i had to jump on it for a chance at ryan or flacco. Didn't get them and my best card was a redemption but didn't do too bad either. The redemption I pulled was for a Base Rookie Auto Relic of Chris Johnson:( On the up side i pulled a 1/1 Nick Folk with a probowl patch. Might be the worst 1/1 in the product, but I'll take it:)

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    Thats not bad. I have a box of this coming Monday, i got the same deal off of ebay $150.

    I hope my box is as good as yours. Charles and Jones RPA's and a 1/1 cant complain for sure.

    I sent an 08 redemption back to tops last week to see if they would redeem it. It was a RPA of Desean Jackson.
    Hopefully they will replace it.
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    I was very happy with the charles rookie. Another season like the last one and that will be worth some good money. Going to send it to beckett for grading.

    Good luck with the desean. About a year ago I opened another 08 box, but it was $299. I got 4 redemptions for my rookie patch autos, one was a Jake Long red refractor patch auto which is a 1/1. I called topps and they said there was nothing they could do, about the cards but they would make it right. I week later i recieved in the mail 3 retail packs of 2011 topps update baseball. Pretty even trade huh?
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    I have seen them come through for some people, I guess it is hit or miss. I sent in the redemption, i just asked for a comparable value card. So we will see what they do, the LCS told me if they dont do anything he will make it right. Which i thought was very generous of him.
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    Yeah it is, they don't need to do anything for you. I tend to stick to panini for expired products as they still honor them. UD came though for me on one, but screwed me on another. I pulled a redemption for a Dice K rookie auto from sweet spot that they would do nothing, pulled a griffey game day auto gold out of 10, which they did ship me.

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    That Griff is pretty sweet. Yeah i hear UD is the worst of them all. I ususally stick to buying Panini or Topps products. Never been a huge UD fan.
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    called Topps last christmas for same redemption...and yes they definitely suck
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    nice break for the price man! that j. charles card is awesome
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    This box was better than my last 2012 sterling!

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