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    Need Help

    Today on my way home from work, I decided to stop by Kmart and pick up some cards. I bought 2 blaster boxes of 2010 Bowman Chrome, 1 box of 2010 Bowman Platinum, and 1 variety box of hockey cards. Once in my car, I decided that I was going to open them then and there. After breaking the two boxes of Bowman Chrome and the hockey variety box I was left with the box of Bowman Platinum. I couldn't wait to rip in to the box since about a year ago I pulled a Mike Trout Auto from this very product. As I opened the box and peeked in I noticed that the packs looked off. The reason for this became obvious once I pulled the packs out; they were packs of 1991 Pacific football cards.

    What exactly should I do? Should I contact Bowman and hope that they believe me?
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    Topps had nothing to do with this. Someone purchased the blaster and resealed it with the old product and brought it back to the store. The only thing you can do is see if the Kmart will give you a refund.

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    yea I got screwed the other day too...

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    Have you tried getting a refund yet?

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    Support your LCS and this shouldn't happen. Pack searchers have pretty much ruined retail like Kmart walmart and target.

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