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    Enshrined or Enforcers?

    Hey, I'm looking to order a box tonight, and it's between 10-11 Enshrined and 11-12 Enforcers.

    -Enshrined has a much better player selection
    -Enforcers is $49.95 per box of twelve cards, Enshrined is $69.95 per pack of five cards
    -Enshrined had #d base and one nice hit, could be a cut auto
    -Enforcers has five autos and two game-used, with a chance of SP's and 1/1's
    -Enshrined has fewer boxes left, with lots of great stuff left, meaning better odds?(I LOVE ITG vintage memorabilia!)

    There you go, those are my considerations. Now, which should I get, assuming I'm only getting one tonight.


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    Ohhhh man, probably the two products that I have the absolute least interest in purchasing by the box, the Enforcers due to there being nothing of interest in there for me (and whatever you pull is instantly worthless anyhow) and the one-hit risk that goes into busting a box of Enshrined... but at least there's a CHANCE to hit something decent with Enshrined. Good luck not hitting a $10 auto or $5 gu card as your only box hit, though (with Enshrined).

    Sorry for the negative undertones! :P

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    Thank you, I appreciate the honesty. I like the price point though, but I think BTP and H&P are in that range.

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    If in doubt get a box of each lol. I myself love Enforcers and have the complete base set, so I'm biased towards that. I think whatever gets you the most bang for your buck is what you should go with.
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    HaHa, thanks, but that's the problem, I haven't opened anything ITG besides a box of 09-10 BTP. One hit in Enshrined(could be a big one) vs. seven in Enforcers. Still unsure.

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    I'd go with Enshrined. So many great vintage pieces of the NHL's greatest players.
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    I like Enshrined, but its a pretty big gamble seeing as you only get one hit per pack.
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    I would go with Enshrined. You may get something, you may not. But you may get something. With Enforcers you will get nothing. If it were my money though, I wouldn't get either. But, if you have to make a choice always go with the product that has the potential to deliver.
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    My two boxes of Enforcers were great and I easily made $$ on them after keeping what I wanted - but I know I got lucky.
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