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    Panini Extra Edition?!

    I was at Target today and they have blaster boxes of 2012 Panini Extra Edition.. Normally they come with 1 auto, but these had 2 auto's per box. They retail at $29.99

    I wanted to do a little more research on these before deciding whether to buy one or not... What is the word or opinions on these?!

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    It's paninis version of Bowman. I personally LOVE it. I never bought retail and in my opinion it would seem more lucrative to go for a hobby box. The hobby boxes are guaranteed 6 autos and some boxes are hot boxes containing 10 autos. More times then not ive gotten hot boxes. These things are also LOADED with 1st rounders. I've pulled a Byron Buxton my first box. My latest box I pulled 1 first rounder out of /10 and two out of /25. Bottom line is that the cards look great, the inserts are nice, the first rounders are not impossible to pull, and if you like prospects or want something lucrative this is the box for you. I would definitely recommend hobby.

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    You can buy a lot worse than that for that price but don't expect them to be anywhere near the value of the Bowman Chrome autographs. Those are king in baseball but for a fun break at $30 with 2 autographs you can't really go wrong unless they loaded up the product with dud rookies.
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    What does hobby box run?
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    It runs $100 at my LCS. It's probably more at most other LCS though.

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