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Thread: Some highends ft/s

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    Some highends ft/s

    Looking to make some possible deals..Looking for Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Luck, Brock Osweiler, other quarterback auto rcs. also Baseball chrome autos..will also check buckets..Here are some cards possibly available.. Can get better pics of AP and Cam cause tape on cases make them look bad but cards look nice

    Thanks for the look and
    God Bless
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    I like to trade


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    Hi I am new to the site. I am interested in your AP. can you provide better photos and what would be the very best you can do on it price wise?

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    I know you were interested in the Upton refractor rc i had. I'd love the Peterson or Newton so if we can swing a larger deal lets try to work it out.
    Check out my page and let me know.
    Check out my website with scans:

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    AlenaP0415..put up new pics, pm me an offer if you like

    Loopdog pm coming
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    I like to trade


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    check me for that AP, thanks
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    I trade by common sense, i collect for the hobby not to make a profit this is not my job!

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    I feel more comfortable with you telling me the best you can do. if you can come up with a price shoot me a pm. thanks a lot and nice stuff.

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    interested in the AP
    Collecting: Vikings/Twins/Magic Johnson 1/1's
    I ship everything with DC. I don't ship outside of the US!

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