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    2012 Panini National Treasures Baseball TEAM PICK Group Break #391

    Sport: Baseball

    Product: 2012 Panini National Treasures Baseball Case

    Spots: 30


    Arizona Diamondbacks - seguin71
    Atlanta Braves - ezan1214
    Baltimore Orioles - keithmes
    Boston Red Sox - ezan1214
    Chicago Cubs - refone
    Chicago White Sox - VikingPat
    Cincinnati Reds - keithmes
    Cleveland Indians - AmK
    Colorado Rockies - CStipe
    Detroit Tigers - keithmes
    Florida Marlins - jameskor
    Houston Astros - Jerryjtj
    Kansas City Royals - JumpingSquare
    Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - keithmes
    Los Angeles Dodgers - refone
    Milwaukee Brewers - AmK (P)
    Minnesota Twins - refone
    New York Mets - Keith/Hickies
    New York Yankees - JumpingSquare
    Oakland Athletics - AmK
    Philadelphia Phillies - JumpingSquare
    Pittsburgh Pirates - SteelPen2
    San Diego Padres - seguin71
    San Francisco Giants - refone
    Seattle Mariners - PEJ
    St. Louis Cardinals - keithmes
    Tampa Bay Rays - StockExchange
    Texas Rangers - namwots
    Toronto Blue Jays - MNum
    Washington Nationals - namwots

    Which Team Does It Go To? Pecking Order...
    1. Logo/Name of Team on Card
    2. If current player, it goes to current team (ONLY if no Logo/Team Name is associated)
    3. If NO Team is listed - Most games played for
    4. If team is no longer or NEVER part of MLB, Most games played for an MLB Team
    5. If player NEVER played in the MLB, 30 Team Random


    1902: Milwaukee Brewers moved to St. Louis, Missouri and became the St. Louis Browns.
    1903: Baltimore Orioles movedto New York andbecame the Highlanders. The team wasrenamed the Yankees in 1913.
    1953: Boston Braves movedto Milwaukee. This was thefirst relocation in 50 years. During those 50 years, there had also been noexpansions or contractions—Major League Baseball had consisted of the same 16teams, 8 in each league, playing in the same cities without interruption forhalf a century.
    1954: St. Louis Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles.
    1955: Philadelphia Athletics moved to Kansas City,Missouri.
    1958: Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles; New York Giants moved to San Francisco. These were the first major league teams on the West Coast; the teams moved simultaneously to facilitate travel for other National League (NL) teams.
    1961: Washington Senators (original) moved to the Twin Cities area and became the Minnesota Twins. Not wishing to alienate Washington, D.C. and its powerful baseball fans, the American League (AL) granted the city a new expansion franchise, also called the Senators.
    1966: Milwaukee Braves moved to Atlanta, Georgia.
    1968: Kansas CityAthletics moved to Oakland, California.Because Charles O. Finley brokea recently signed lease and public bonds were already issued for the buildingof what is now known as Kauffman Stadium, Major LeagueBaseball was in danger of anti-trust legislation from Missouri Senator Stuart Symington. As a result, the AL grantedKansas City a new expansion franchise in 1969.
    1970: Seattle Pilots movedto Milwaukee and became the Brewers. The AL wouldgrant Seattle a new expansion franchise in 1977.
    1972: Second WashingtonSenators moved to Arlington, Texas andbecame the Texas Rangers.
    2005: Montreal Expos movedto Washington, D.C. and became the Washington Nationals. TheExpos had split time between Montreal and San Juan, PuertoRico in 2003 and 2004. This was the first relocation in 33 years.

    Here at STL Sports Cards we accept Paypal and Google Checkout. You can purchase spots at

    As part of our guarantee here at STL Sports Cards, if you do not receive a card in the break we will send you one of our own! NOBODY goes home empty. That is a PROMISE!

    Break will happen once all teams are purchased and will be broadcast live on our BlogTV Channel and recorded in HD for Youtube
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    I'll grab the Padres. Wish the Yankees were still available. Would def grab them.
    I collect Yankees, NY Giants & Chargers Cards. I Need YSL cards for my set. If you have any let me know the numbers.
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    Sounds great! Go ahead and checkout at to lock them in! Thanks

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    That Smoltz and the entire last case were incredible!
    Want ANY/ALL KEN GRIFFEY JR. cards I don't have: Inserts/Auto's/Relics, etc.
    ANY/ALL HUNTER PENCE cards 2007 and earlier ONLY & the more RARE the better.
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