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    Blaster Mania

    Hey Guys. I've neglected to post most of my recent breaks most of which involved Topps Chrome blasters from Target. With prices of hobby boxes being $120+ I can get 2 boxes worth of packs via Blasters from Target for the same price and have had much better luck with Blaster and Rack Packs than with Hobby Boxes. I've pulled a red RG3 tall boy refractor #'d 29/75, a Andrew Luck 1984 gold refractor #'d 01/75, Russel Wilson and RG3 BCA refractors, Andrew Luck purple refractor, Justin Blackmon tall boy refractor #'d 99/99, along with tons of auto's(personal fav being a Justin Blackmon on card). So if anyone needs any base or insert cards from 2012 Chrome lmk.

    Well today's break consists of no Chrome as I was unable to find any today. I didn't want to go home emptyhanded so I grabbed 2 of the 4 Strata boxes Target had. I also had a blaster of Topps Prime and Magic that I bought from Walmart over a week ago and was intending to return after I spent a ton on Chrome soon after. Well I just said screw it and decided to open those along with the 2 Strata I bought. First blaster was Magic and was another disappointing blaster as the best card I got was super tiny Justin Blackmon rookie card. I also got a Chandler Harnish auto card. Next I opened the Prime blaster and this was much better as I pulled an RG3 base RC and an Andrew Luck blue parallel RC. On the second to last pack I hit a sweet looking Brian Quick Level IV auto relic #'d 02/15 with nice 3 color jumbo patch. According to box these level IV auto relics come 1 in every 12,000 packs. I'm feelin pretty good at this point so I opened the 2 Strata boxes and got a redemption in each box. The first was for a Janoris Jenkins base rookie auto variation gold parallel. These run 1 out of every 282 packs. The other redemption was for a Clear Cut auto relic rookie gold parallel of Super Bowl Champion Bernard Pierce. I about crapped when I saw that these run 1 out of every 28,850 packs. Needless to say I went and bought a few lotto tickets and hope my luck of hitting longshots continues for tonight. lol. Even though they weren't the top players it was still cool hitting a 1 in 28,850 shot. Needless to say they are all for sale/trade. Sorry for the long read and good luck on all your breaks.
    Everthing in bucket fs/trade. Always looking for 1993 TF refractors, 1986/87 Fleer Basketball, Nolan Ryan, Magic Johnson, Nice Jax Jaguar stuff, Josh Hamilton, Bryce Harper, Strasburg, RG3, Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon for now.
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    need luck base chrome rc and luck and griffin chrome tall boys to complete my set if you have them.lmk

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    Beat the odds that's for sure!
    Main PC: Broncos/Montee Ball/ Derek Carr/Chrome RCs
    LF: TJ Ward/
    Demaryius Thomas/Aqib Talib/Broncos rookie color chrome

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    I need these if you have them:

    57 Style

    Red Zone Die Cuts
    11-Nick Toon
    32-Joe Adams

    35-J. Wright
    Sorry... "Lower than ebay" makes no sense when 1 card went for $4 and the rest go for $30+
    LF Good Stuff of: R. Wilson, Peyton, Megatron, AP, T.Y. Hilton, Durant, R. Westbrook,
    S. Curry, Trey Burke, Miggy, Hamilton, Chipper, Verlander, Fielder, Trout, Harper
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    Hey Patrick!! Now Those We're Some Really Nice Boxes. I Could REALLY Use That Andrew Luck Purple Refarator & That Andrew Luck Gold Refractor. LMK What Kinda $$ Ya Would Need For Them.

    Thanks, John

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    great break!


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    nice job
    The Cards that have a big red NFT bar next to them in my album are NOT FOR TRADE!
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    Collecting Jarius Wright & Vikings (Vikes Uni) Auto's

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