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    Trading all my sports cards for Magic the Gathering and other CCGs

    Im switching gears for the most part, although Im keeping my Olympic autograph PCs. I want to trade for Magic the Gathering or other CCG stuff- if you have any, please let me know what you have and what you like of mine!

    Thanks a lot!

    taking a break from trading

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    Any interest in World of Warcraft TCG?
    PC: James Reimer, Brayden Schenn, Jake Gardiner, Joe Colborne, RNH
    Also Collecting: Crosby, T. Hall, Subban, Seguin, Eberle, Skinner, TavaresTraders: Hidden Content

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    possibly, although i dont know much about that game, so let me do a bit of research before i say yes or no

    taking a break from trading

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    I have a stack of Magic CC i got in a count box i bought, interested in your Shaq G/U.

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    cool- would like to work a deal- happen to have any scans or a list of what youve got?
    taking a break from trading

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    Here are the first 6 off the top. there are 78 total cards. dates say 1993-2003 on the bottom. Have no idea which edition or expansions they are from though.
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    anything with a golden symbol? those would be the rares which would have some value
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    A golden symbol where? There is a foil card of an Elvis Champiom.

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    it would be where the 8 is, between the picture and the text- the common cards have a black symbol, uncommon cards have a silver symbol, and the rares have a gold symbol

    taking a break from trading

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    9 are silver, 3 are gold( 2 are the same though) Elvish Champion(foil), and 2-Vizzerdrix. The card says its a cross between a bunny and a piranha! HA! The rest are black. Like i said, 78 total cards. You interested?

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