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    Please lmk a price on the AJ Green Gridiron Auto lmk thanks.
    Always looking for Devils and Eagles autos you may have!
    Also looking for Kenny Britt autos!
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    truthfully i may keep the green til next season starts. he sells for well less than I would want to take for it
    taking a break from trading

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    up we go, want more stuff gone!
    taking a break from trading

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    How much would you want for the Darius Watts Quad GU?
    I collect Champ Bailey, Chris Harris (Broncos CB), Current Denver Broncos, Gerell Robinson (Broncos/Cardinals WR), Soccer cards and anything that catches my eye! Let's get trading!
    I am a full time student/worker, so if my sending is slow I apologize. Hidden Content

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    probably gonna keep the Spahn Bob

    Id like 8 on the Watts mirror gold

    taking a break from trading

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    Any Ridley's??
    Supercollecting Stevan Ridley (555/740), 16 1/1s
    and Patrick Peterson
    Chrome refractors of Tim Tebow, Andrew Luck, Ryan Tannehill, Brock Osweiler, and Kirk Cousins.
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    Price on these chrome rc's? Pm me please

    Trent Richardson
    Aj hawk
    Photo Bucket
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    hows 8 shipped?
    taking a break from trading

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    if anyone wants to make an offer on the entire lot, Ill likely let it go super cheap. I want out of cards for good
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    taking a break from trading

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