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    More boxes. Spent too much money but I think i did pretty good. LMK

    Hey guys, so I went to the LCS and they had Plates & Patches 11 and some other stuff on sale for pretty cheap. Below is the break down.

    11 Sage - 1 Pack
    12 Prizm - 18 Packs (retail)
    12 Strata - 1 Hobby Box
    12 Certified- 1 Hobby Box
    07 SP Threads - 1 Hobby Box
    07 UD Premiere - 1 Hobby Box
    11 Plates & Patches - 4 Hobby Boxes

    Scans will be up soon.

    Luke Stocker Rookie Auto /200
    Steven Ridley Rookie Auto /200

    Noteable Rookies
    TY Hilton

    Green Prizms
    Tony Gonzalez
    Tony Romo

    Blaine Gabbert #'d 5/10 (Too bad it wasnt 11!)

    Rookie Auto
    Jared Crick #'d /499


    Noteable Rookies
    L. Kuechly (x2)

    Die Cut - Jarius wright (PC)

    Aj Jenkins Rookie Jersey /296
    Kendall Wright ShadowBox SP /15 (Case Hit)!!!
    Was Shorted the Rookie Auto

    Marvin Mcnutt Red /250
    Vic Ballard /999
    Haywood Jeffires /999
    Case Keenum /999
    Peyton Manning Red /250
    Dont'a Hightower Gold /25

    Mohamed Sanu Certified Rookie Materials Jersey /299
    Eric Page Red Auto /350
    Marquis Colston Gold Patch (1 Color ) /49
    Redemption- Alshon Jeffery Freshman Fabric #327

    07 UD Premiere
    Mark Clayton Insert /225

    Terry Glenn Terrelle Owens Dual Patch SICK Owens Patch /50
    Peyton Manning Premiere Stitchings /75
    Darrelle Revis Rookie Gold Auto /99
    Darius Walker Rookie Auto /225
    Drew Stanton Quad Jersey Auto /199
    Ted Ginn Jr. Triple Jersey (OSU) /99

    07 SP Threads
    Lorenzo Booker Dual Jersey
    Brian Leonard Dual Jersey (2 Color)
    Kevin Kolb Dual Jersey #'d /99
    Brady Quinn Dual jersey
    Tony Hunt Dual Jersey
    Matt leinart Dual jersey (2 Color)
    Jamarcu Russell / Michael Bush Dual Jersey
    Trent Edwards Dual Jersey
    Julius Peppers Dual Patch (3 Colors on each Patch SWEET LOOKING)
    David Ball Rookie Auto
    David Irons Rookie Auto
    Aundrae Allison Letterman Auto #'d /250
    Expired Redemption - Phillip Rivers/Jericho Cotchery Dual Auto SP MultiMarks /75 (Hopefully UD Will give replacement)
    Expired Redemption - Kenny Irons Letterman Auto /250

    NOW PLATES & PATCHES WAS GOOD TO ME AGAIN! As some of you know i pulled a Kaepernick Rookie Patch Auto (On Card) yesterday!

    11 Plates & Patches

    Inserts & Rookies:
    Dwayne Bowe /299
    Plaxico Burress /299
    Stevie Johnson /299
    Rashard MendenHall /299
    Nnamdi Asomaugh /299
    Matt Stafford /299
    Michael Turner /299
    Julio Jones Rookie blitz /249
    Balil Powell /249
    Phillip Rivers /249
    Austin Pettis /249
    Mike Sims-Walker /100
    MJD /100
    Tavaris Jackson /100
    Hakeem Nicks /100
    Jay Cutler /50
    Lesean McCoy /50
    Santana Moss /50
    Stephen Burton /50
    Sidney Rice /10

    Matt Cassell Jersey /299
    Matt Schaubb Jersey /99
    Joe Flacco Jersey /299
    Demarco Murray Rookie Jersey /299
    Shane Vereen Rookie Jersey /299
    MJD Patch (1 Color) /99
    Mark Ingram Rookie Jersey /299
    Roddy White 3 Color Patch /50
    Lee Smith Rookie Auto SP /50
    Chimdi Chewka Rookie Auto /199
    Ricky Stanzi Rookie Auto /150
    DJ Williams Rookie Gold Auto /25
    Terrelle Pryor Rookie Auto /299
    Redemption RPS Rookie Signatures #209 Jonathan Baldwin
    Redemption RPS Rookie Prime Signatures #209 Jonathan Baldwin
    Redemption RPS Rookie Signatures #205 Julio Jones
    AJ Green Rookie Patch Auto /25
    Demarco Murray Rookie Patch Auto (on Card 4 Colors) /499
    Collin Kaepernick Rookie Patch Auto (On Card 3 colors) /499 (2nd one in two days!)
    Darren Sproles Auto 1/1

    Scans will be up in 20 mins. Let me know how you think i did. I think the break was iffy, until the Patches, and i think i killed the plates & patches.
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    Good luck with the expired UD redemptions. I guess that's the risk you take busting 6 year old product. Nice hits in Plates.

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    Nice Kaepernick!
    I collect Patrick Willis//Michael Crabtree//Stephen Curry!
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    Yeah, I know but I really was hoping to hit a rookie Auto of AP,Calvin, ect. I did hit a revis rookie auto SP. Over all I am happy. The shop owner said if UD does do replace them they replace really well the odds of them replacing them are bad though. We will see i will send them in the mail and see what happens.

    2nd Kaep in two days. Scans are up of all the cards on my web page.
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    Nice breaks buddy you know I can use the Hakeem Nicks
    Looking for any and all New York Giants!
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    Thanks, Russ

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    Nice break, Chaz!


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    Thanks Tim!
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    nice break. you cleaned house on the plates and patches, premiere was solid, got the case hit from strata & certified... let's just say 2012 certified, is 2012 certified.
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    Thanks, Hopefully Topps sends me something good for missing a hit!, but overall i was happy with it.
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    any interest in selling or trading the sanu?

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