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    Just in case anybody's curious, yes it is *that* Al Muir. :)
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    Slapshot?!?!? SLAPSHOT?!?!
    that's crazy, Slapshot might be one of the BEST movies ever. I know it's not as popular but, to me, it's almost as quotable as Caddyshack or The Jerk

    edit- ah ok, i clicked on the article, realized those were on the "best" list, nearly had a heart attack for a minute there.
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    Worst: Hockey Night. It was an 80s movie where Rick Moranis brings in a girl to act as the ringer/saviour on a struggling boys hockey team. As a pre-pubescent boy, it just ticked me right off! lol

    Best: I know it's a compilation and not an actual feature film, but the original Don Cherry's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Hockey is still watchable any time, any day. The goals and saves are great, but the hits are the best part for sure, as several of the selected "best" would definitely be highly suspendable today. Heck, some of them (shown for the purposes of glorification, of course) were actually career-enders!
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